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DACRO offers a variety of liners, see below to see wich one fits your needs.

Global Liner | Enviro Liner | Compact Liner | 30' Foot Liner
Braceless Liner | Tiltless Liner | Safety Sheets


The material used for the DACRO Linerbag, woven HDPE, contains all the features a Linerbag material should contain: it as a high tensile strength and still keeps its flexibility due to the high elongation. Most of the liners are made from woven HDPE 140gr/m2. The properties are reflected in our material specification brochure. Alternatively heavier and lighter fabrics can be used.

For some applications woven polypropylene (PP) is more suitable.


The bulkhead of the Linerbag is made from woven HDPE 210 gr/m2. in order to ascertain a solid system, the flexible bulkhead is integrated in the Linerbag.

On the bulkhead belts with loops are stitched which are to be used fro keeping four galvanized bars.

Retaining of Linerbag
Upon discharge the containers are usually tilted up. The liner has to be anchored in the container at the front-end to avoid it from sliding down during the operation. On the DACRO Linerbag system this is done by placing a loop crosswise where a steel bar is introduced and anchored on the container floor.
Special Features

The following features are available on request:

  • A transparent window in the Bulkhead to allow monitoring the loading process.
  • The Linerbag can be made dust proof which is specially important for very fine powders.
  • To allow a quick and total discharge, an inflatable air bag corner can be mounted on either or both corners.
  • The liner fabric can be made anti-static to prevent the build up of static charges.
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